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This guy opened up a lemonade stand on the wrong side of the road without a license

Yet, the same society that presently tolerates this increasingly oppressive government discourages parents from effectively carrying out one of the most important responsibilities there is – teaching children to respect and obey authority by properly disciplining them. The ‘rights of the child’ have trumped the rights of the parents to raise their children according to Biblical principles. We all know the societal implications of undisciplined children run amok – rampant crime and plain old irresponsibility being at the top – but what about the loss of REAL freedom that has occurred while children are seemingly enjoying the most ‘freedom’ that kids have ever had?

Could it be that this ever encroaching government, this leviathan that seems to want EVERYONE in prison, if only there were enough enforcers to make it happen, is a RESULT of the fact that the family has dropped the ball on training children to exercise personal responsibility and restraint? Today, the majority of children, of people in general, have no idea what real liberty is. Our forefathers bled and died for it, and yet more and more people think freedom means the ability to put crucifixes in urine and call it art, or for two homosexuals to ‘marry’ and raise a child, or for women to kill their babies. The idea of freedom has been turned on its head. It’s been said that Satan has a counterfeit for everything, and most people have fallen for the decoy. As the dark cloud of tyranny descends upon us, we have the ‘freedom’ to be as perverse as humanly possible.

Sorry, but the last thing the people who created this flag had in mind was ‘gay marriage’

I mentioned above that we are dictators to our kids. Our parents were dictators to us. And yet, coming from a place where it is PROPER to have an entity over us watching our every move, we came out from under it, grew up to properly understand what real liberty means and the responsibility it takes to maintain that liberty.

When the family breaks down, society begins to. Politicians respond by making felons of us all. Those who would destroy our culture have long gone after the family, have laid the axe to the root for decades. The tyranny they are and have been setting up is a direct fruit of the success of their efforts. It is imperative that families properly, lovingly, and consistently discipline their children. It is imperative that our children know that within the loving confines of our little family ‘police state,’ they will develop the life-skills needed to keep them from running afoul of the real police – that is unless they unknowingly violate one of those arcane regulations…

 ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6


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  1. “…we are living in a society that’s forgotten how to train their children.” Your right because we are living in a society that has forgotten God. I can honestly say I agree with almost everything you say in this article. I think we will agree whole-heartedly on the role of government and the Bible – I understand the term “dictatorship” because I have used it before myself and I know you are using hyperbole to emphasize that scripture grants you the role of a parent and the responsibility found in Hebrews 13:17, and while I am appalled at how out-of-whack our prison system is and how many people are incarcerated in the US (I know we have a major prison problem), but I do dispute the “highest per capita” prison rate and then listing that the US is even higher than Iran and China. It is impossible to accurately compare the two (or three in this case) – even Wikipedia refers to it as “highest documented …. per capita rate”. Both of those countries don’t provide accurate numbers and the reality is even those who aren’t in prison are under oppression (not every prison has bars – as your children and my children can both attest). The battle is spiritual and will continue to be spiritual. As more and more (especially in America) openly reject God (we call them atheist) and others “…(say) in their hearts – no God” (practical atheists), we will soon find ourselves continuing this downward spiral. More disheartening is the fact that the church has abdicated its responsibility. Sadly the church has fought the wrong battles…over the past few years we have won some important ones – like the ability to go to any movie we want to (whether its vile and vulgar or not – things like the “Hangover” series – hey at least its funny), the ability to drink alcohol, etc. All the while we’ve seen the redefinition of marriage, the growth of abortion, and evil grow exponetially, but hey hoist a glass and drive on over to Redbox and then lets wag our heads in disbelief over the fact that a naked man is shot and killed while eating the face off of another man in broad daylight in Miami.

  2. Good points Jerry! You are right – it’s tough to accurately predict, but the percentage in the US is certainly higher than it should be. Thanks for the comment!