Seven Reasons for Enclosing Your Garden with an Invisible Fence

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We live in the "city limits" of a small-to-medium rural town. As such, we're subject to certain city regulations people under county jurisdiction don't have to worry about. Thankfully, backyard chickens are something our town allows (we really want to do that soon!), but free roaming dogs are something it doesn't. Though this is probably a good thing given the abnormally high ratio of moving cars to dogs in a city environment, it does mean we have to take measures to keep our outside dog … [Read more...]

The Marriage Hills We Die On

Sometimes guys just never learn

In May 1969, US Command ordered the frontal assault of a heavily fortified hill in Vietnam. They eventually took it, but at a heavy cost – 72 Americans died and 372 were wounded, all to take a hill of little or no strategic value. The fact that they purposely gave the hill up soon thereafter led to nothing short of a public relations disaster, and the beginning of the end of the Vietnam War. Choosing which "hills" are worth dying on isn’t just the realm of top military brass, it’s something we … [Read more...]

My Never-Ending Search For Truth


From infancy, we’re all raised with paradigms, or mental models through which we see the world. Events are filtered through those paradigms and explain the world around us in ways only we can uniquely understand. Lots of things in life can contribute to the paradigms we eventually develop, particularly religion and culture, but our paradigms, and this is important, don’t necessarily equate to truth. And they aren’t easily changed. Consider slavery, for example. For thousands of years … [Read more...]

When Fantasy Met Reality


I envy my son and other kids his age, particularly if they have a bent toward the more, shall we say, fantastical areas of fiction. And Nathaniel does, given that he inherited half his genes from me and the other half from his mother, who enjoys it almost as much as her nerd husband. Starting now, for instance, with the release of the latest Hobbit film he can watch the entire Tolkien series from The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings without missing a beat. Unlike our generation, he can watch all … [Read more...]

An Unusual Thing To Be Thankful For


I’ve never considered myself a runner. Quite the opposite, in fact. Although I enjoy several sports, all my life I’ve literally ‘ran away’ from any sport or activity that required continuous exertion, on account of the agonizingly dreadful burning in the chest that happens when the ‘out of shape’ do what seemingly just isn’t natural. Sitting on the couch and watching other people run on TV was more my thing. It just seemed more… I don’t know… enjoyable, and pain free to boot. I have several … [Read more...]