The Importance of Intentional Parenting


I'm excited to introduce my very first column as a contributor for TheBlaze! The first part is below, then you can click the link on or below the picture for the rest. Parenting is a job we sort of “get,” regardless of our qualifications, knowledge, or experience, simply because of biological reality. No matter how much responsibility and experience we’ve had in our jobs or other aspects of our lives, I think when we first set eyes upon that tiny, fragile, amazing miraculous life that … [Read more...]

Why should my wife obey me?


Let me begin this potentially (potentially?!?!) controversial article by making it abundantly clear that my wife is an absolutely amazing woman. She is smart, sexy, strong, brave, confident, wise, Godly, and apparently (given that her husband is writing an article entitled, “Why Should My Wife Obey me?”), more longsuffering than any canonized saint. I mean, they probably already have a statue built of her in heaven’s town square just for putting up with me! Don’t get me wrong: she’s not … [Read more...]

Seven Reasons for Enclosing Your Garden with an Invisible Fence

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We live in the "city limits" of a small-to-medium rural town. As such, we're subject to certain city regulations people under county jurisdiction don't have to worry about. Thankfully, backyard chickens are something our town allows (we really want to do that soon!), but free roaming dogs are something it doesn't. Though this is probably a good thing given the abnormally high ratio of moving cars to dogs in a city environment, it does mean we have to take measures to keep our outside dog … [Read more...]

The Marriage Hills We Die On

Sometimes guys just never learn

In May 1969, US Command ordered the frontal assault of a heavily fortified hill in Vietnam. They eventually took it, but at a heavy cost – 72 Americans died and 372 were wounded, all to take a hill of little or no strategic value. The fact that they purposely gave the hill up soon thereafter led to nothing short of a public relations disaster, and the beginning of the end of the Vietnam War. Choosing which "hills" are worth dying on isn’t just the realm of top military brass, it’s something we … [Read more...]

My Never-Ending Search For Truth


From infancy, we’re all raised with paradigms, or mental models through which we see the world. Events are filtered through those paradigms and explain the world around us in ways only we can uniquely understand. Lots of things in life can contribute to the paradigms we eventually develop, particularly religion and culture, but our paradigms, and this is important, don’t necessarily equate to truth. And they aren’t easily changed. Consider slavery, for example. For thousands of years … [Read more...]