The Government Wants Your Kids. Here are Five Ways to Raise Them in a World Against Parents.


Guess what – your kids are wanted! Good news, right? It’s always nice to be wanted. Republican elites want your kids – to be worker bees in the American economic machine. Hey, at least they’d be working! But, Democrats want them too – as dependent voters to expand their power base. Sure, they’ll get lots of free stuff, but is anything really free? Ultimately, regardless of who’s in control, the government really, really, really wants your kids. With few exceptions, governments have always … [Read more...]

Why Do Liberals Want To Take Away Our Natural, God-Given Right To Self Defense?


My latest article on TheBlaze is about gun control and the right to self-defense. Imagine a scenario where you and your wife are suddenly woken in the middle of the night by broken glass and hard footsteps. As you burst out of bed, you hear unrecognizable muffled voices across the hall. You grab your shotgun and leave the bedroom to find four masked men inside your home. Scared out of your wits, you fire, wounding two and sending them all packing. Scary scenario, right? Hang on, it … [Read more...]

Who Owns Our Kids?

Photo credit: Shutterstock via TheBlaze

My second article as a contributor to The Blaze is about an important but controversial subject.   Do you spank your kids? On second thought, don’t answer that question, especially if you live in Michigan, where a mom faces prison (yes, actual prison) for disciplining one of her children with a wooden paddle; or Delaware, which passed the nation’s first “anti-spanking law” in 2012 by redefining child abuse laws to include any act that causes “pain.” Now “pain” has a pretty … [Read more...]

The Importance of Intentional Parenting


I'm excited to introduce my very first column as a contributor for TheBlaze! The first part is below, then you can click the link on or below the picture for the rest. Parenting is a job we sort of “get,” regardless of our qualifications, knowledge, or experience, simply because of biological reality. No matter how much responsibility and experience we’ve had in our jobs or other aspects of our lives, I think when we first set eyes upon that tiny, fragile, amazing miraculous life that … [Read more...]

Why should my wife obey me?


Let me begin this potentially (potentially?!?!) controversial article by making it abundantly clear that my wife is an absolutely amazing woman. She is smart, sexy, strong, brave, confident, wise, Godly, and apparently (given that her husband is writing an article entitled, “Why Should My Wife Obey me?”), more longsuffering than any canonized saint. I mean, they probably already have a statue built of her in heaven’s town square just for putting up with me! Don’t get me wrong: she’s not … [Read more...]