When Fantasy Met Reality


I envy my son and other kids his age, particularly if they have a bent toward the more, shall we say, fantastical areas of fiction. And Nathaniel does, given that he inherited half his genes from me and the other half from his mother, who enjoys it almost as much as her nerd husband. Starting now, for instance, with the release of the latest Hobbit film he can watch the entire Tolkien series from The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings without missing a beat. Unlike our generation, he can watch all … [Read more...]

An Unusual Thing To Be Thankful For


I’ve never considered myself a runner. Quite the opposite, in fact. Although I enjoy several sports, all my life I’ve literally ‘ran away’ from any sport or activity that required continuous exertion, on account of the agonizingly dreadful burning in the chest that happens when the ‘out of shape’ do what seemingly just isn’t natural. Sitting on the couch and watching other people run on TV was more my thing. It just seemed more… I don’t know… enjoyable, and pain free to boot. I have several … [Read more...]

How To Pick The Woman of Your Dreams


We spend our lives making choices. We choose what foods to eat, what products to purchase, what jobs to do. Most of the choices we make don’t really matter in the long-run. They are neutral – the difference between spaghetti and lasagna for dinner one evening, or what to wear to church tomorrow. Others, however, need to be approached with much more care. Who to marry is just such a choice. Choose correctly, and you are in for a lifetime of love with the person of your dreams. (Please don’t … [Read more...]

The Ins and Outs of FIFO


  Whether our world begins to resemble something somewhere between Mad Max and The Walking Dead, or the Fed (and the CDC!) manages to keep things rolling merrily along for the foreseeable future, the benefits to being prepared, to having a pantry so well-stocked your friends think you’ve started a COSTCO in your basement, are numerous and easy to list (the main one, for me anyway, being that we don’t have to go to the grocery store every other day!). There aren’t really any … [Read more...]

The Amazing Power of Grace (in marriage)


  To those of us who are Christians, grace is truly an amazing thing. It is the favor that God gives us, apart from anything we do, that allows us to experience fellowship with the God who created us. Despite the fact that we are sinful creatures, utterly and completely depraved and devoid of any goodness whatsoever, Christ reaches down into the miry clay-filled pit, the pit wherein we would otherwise prefer to wallow, and pulls us out, cleans us up, and places us at the right hand of … [Read more...]