Six ways to be a friend to your husband


In his book The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis explores the nature of love from a Biblical perspective using the four Greek words for love – storge (affection), phileo (friendship), eros (romance), and agape (unconditional love) – as a foundation. He shows that ‘love’ is far more complicated than most of us think, and a simple term like ‘God is love’ can have lots of nuances as the various ways His creatures ‘love’ each other are manifested and explored. The lesson here and elsewhere is, when the … [Read more...]

Five ways to make your home a haven


We all know the stereotypes – ‘ball and chain,’ ‘old lady,’ the bartender telling the guys, “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here,” as if the bar were the ultimate guy haven, a place where nobody judges you and ‘everybody knows your name.’ After all, everybody KNOWS no guy in his right mind wants to go home to his wife, right? The roughly half of marriages that end in divorce is highly publicized, and the sheer unadulterated misery that the other 50% must go through is the stuff of … [Read more...]

Free Range Kids


My father was the ultimate free range kid. He grew up in a Virginia coal mining town called Dante (if you’d like to know how to pronounce it, think less literary history and more along the lines of a word that rhymes with ‘ain’t’), a place nestled so deep in the Appalachian Mountains that you literally have to look straight up to see the sky. Like most of the men in that town and dozens more like it, his father and his father’s father were coal miners, and while his father worked he and his … [Read more...]

Footprints Worth Following


When it snows at our house the kids love to go outside and play. Inevitably, my wife or I have preceded them out the door for one reason or another – to shovel the driveway, get the mail, or just check out the beauty of God’s amazing creation. When we do, of course, we dot the previously pristine snowscape with giant, adult footprints. When the kids first come out to play, it’s fun to watch them take abnormally large footsteps, trying their very best to walk in the footprints we left. It’s a … [Read more...]

No King But Jesus


A key scene from the movie Son of God accurately portrays the very real fears of the Jewish leaders of Jesus’s day. Despite the cruel realities of Roman rule, Roman governors like Pilate still allowed a semblance of local rule, in this case the chief priests and pharisaical leaders of the Jewish religion. Cozy in their roles yet still degradingly subservient to the Romans, the last thing Caiaphas and the other rabbinical leaders needed were ‘rabble rousers’ like Jesus of Nazareth giving the … [Read more...]